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Before You Begin

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Course List


Academic Coach Training

Academic Coaches serve as tutors during SWB’s middle school after-school program.

The Academic Coaches’ primary responsibilities are to work with students on homework, provide an opportunity to practice English language learning,  and engage with students in other fun educational activities. In addition, some Academic Coaches may work as classroom assistants during English lessons.

This training will provide a thorough overview of SWB, the Academic Coach’s role and responsibilities, as well as other guidelines and best practices for a successful volunteer experience with SWB.


Family Mentor Training

Family Mentors meet weekly with SWB students at the students’ homes.

A Family Mentor must agree to enter into a long-term relationship (a minimum of 6 months) with a family. The primary role of the family mentor is to provide academic assistance and provide a safe space to practice English. However, over time and as the relationship builds other activities may include: assisting with the college application process,  helping parents understand their mail, exploring Baltimore or surrounding areas at events outside the home, etc.

This training will provide a thorough overview of SWB, offers background information on our student-athletes and their families, as well as other guidelines and best practices for you to be a successful Family Mentor with SWB.


Other Training Resources

Interested in learning even more? Check out the following resources relating to newcomers, welcoming, and working with English Language Learners!

Refugee 101: With a Special Look at Child-Specific Issues

Discrimination & Bullying of Refugee Youth

Refugee and Immigrant Family and Community Engagement in Schools

Welcoming + Race Importance of using a racial equity lens and learn strategies for applying this lens in their welcoming work.

Neighbors Together: Promising Practices to Strengthen Welcome for Refugees and Muslims

Creating Prosperous Communities: How Welcoming New Neighbors Benefit Everyone

America Needs All of Us (pdf)

All Immigration is Local: Receiving Communities and Their Role in Successful Immigration Integration (pdf)